Natalia Jornet

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

                         Mia the young traveler

Mia was extremely happy when the "super cute" Fedex guy arrived this morning with her "Trunki."

Trunki is a small child's carry on luggage that can double as a scooter or temporary seat.
The coolest part of about the Trunki is that initially we would need to import them from Europe at a retail price of around $90 Ouch!Trunki now has a home in US at the much more pleasing price.I get my for $21 on the internet.Mia's Trunki arrived just in time because we were leaving for Vegas tonight for Felipe's soccer tournament (Mia's brother)So I'm saying goodbye to tears and sore feet.There can't be a more fun way for Mia to get through the airport than riding on her own luggage.

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